The team at LBA Commercial HVAC-R & Plumbing understands the complex air conditioning and heating needs of today’s businesses. From maintenance and repair to replacement, our knowledgeable staff guides business owners through every step, listening to the client and creating a comprehensive plan that includes these factors:

  • Risk Management, including the internal and external costs of equipment failure.
  • Timing: when to service, repair or replace equipment.
  • Product and service quality.
  • Budget considerations: price vs. value.

Innovative Technology

LBA Commercial HVAC-R & Plumbing constantly seeks out cutting-edge technology from the global technology community. We are following the emergence of quantum computing and believe further breakthroughs by the global technology community will have a profound impact on the HVAC industry.

LBA Commercial HVAC-R & Plumbing is positioned to assume a leadership role in the HVAC industry’s technology revolution.

Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning

LBA predictive diagnostic technology, which uses vibration and ultrasonic sensors to monitor the health of equipment. The predictive vibration technology uses a smartphone to “listen” to equipment and detect machine malfunctions before they happen. When combined with a planned maintenance program, this predictive technology creates a powerful way to extend equipment’s useful life, eliminate unanticipated outages and reduce the long-term cost of equipment ownership. Predictive analysis is executed in real time, results are displayed in seconds, and our clients receive a graphical report detailing the analysis and results.

The learning-based algorithms suggest what is wrong and what a technician can do to repair the machine. Vibration analysis detects and predicts more than 90 malfunctions before they become catastrophic. This continuous monitoring system is key to optimizing critical HVAC systems and streamlining effective power usage.

HVAC Asset Protection Program

LBA Commercial HVAC-R & Plumbing offers business owners and property managers consultation services to help them protect one of their most costly investments – their HVAC systems. Our professional staff creates a comprehensive plan that includes:

  • Technical diagnostics, analytical business information and trend analysis of HVAC system performance, maintenance execution and predictive maintenance assessments.
  • Annual asset assessment, with reporting suite and time- and date-stamped photos for use in the insurance claim process, tenant maintenance performance and annual forecasting of HVAC costs.
  • Cloud-based storage of information, which gives clients on-demand access to information.
  • HVAC system design assessment.
  • Load calculation assessment, which clients use to determine the most efficient cost and operability system design when buying a new system or adding systems or duct work to an existing building.
  • Planned and Predictive Maintenance Agreement, which protects clients’ investment and gives them financial control of their HVAC needs.